Casement Bay Window

This square bay with fanlights above has a decorative cornicing running underneath the transoms which is traditional and common place on most bay windows in the Marlow area. It would have been the local joiners trademark or signature when these … Read More

New Set of Internal Doors

10 x bespoke made internal doors ,the stiles, head and bottoms rails are all proportionate as are the decorative mouldings around the panels .These doors are now ready to be hung for a property in Henley , Berks..

Squinted Conservatory

This very stylish timber conservatory is squinted at one end by 45 degrees the roof units are stepped and all glazed with recording studio units .The thicker pane go on the outside to flank any noise while the inside pane … Read More

New Cedar Wood Garage and Doors

The new garage frame was constructed from treated 4 x 2’s and was herring bone braced to stop any movement .Cladded and tiled in cedar shingle for maximum insulation and protection with the old doors recycled from the old garage … Read More

Curved 1920’s bay window

This is a 1920’s bungalow in Marlow Bucks, that had a rotten sill and the curved glass had a large crack running down it. We pre made a new curved hardwood sill as well as pre ordering a new curved … Read More

Square Bay Extension

This is a square bay made in hardwood with hidden structural supports inside the corner posts .The entire head is made from solid 9 by 9 inch hardwood to help offer support for the huge gable end above.The glazing bars … Read More

Shoe Boxes

These shoe storage boxes were copying an Italian designer model but at a fraction of the price, they are made out of solid pine and open using upside down friction stays we normally use to open fanlights on casement windows … Read More

Lattice Work

Octagon latticework to make up part of the shuttering for the castle at Alhambra Carpets when it gets built next year. A total of 2000 housing joints per web. The design was copied from the building opposite my bedroom in … Read More

Rotating Scrabble Boards

We have now made quite a few of these personalised rotating scrabble boards over the years ,they turn to use a ball bearing lazy susan ,the personalised lettering is usually set up to look like a made up game of … Read More

Arabic Ceiling in Alhambra

A 16 pointed star and an exact copy of the ceiling at the Nasrin Palace in Alhambra, Granada, but at half the scale.its made by simply duplicating 2 pieces of wood lots of times, the angle are obvious but its … Read More

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