Keyhole Window

3 x new keyhole windows fitted in the Alhambra Castle Bourne End.The 2 at the front were fixed glazing where as the one in the bathroom need to be made with a lower opening casement.The hardest part was getting the … Read More

Arabic Ceiling goes up.

At last the Alhambra ceiling is now up and finished, the 4 x corners needed finishing to make a perfect square approx 3 metres x 3 metre .The corners are really the same pieces that make the centre and pattern … Read More

New Picnic Table

This made from scratch Accoya picnic table will of course never rot so it was worth interesting some time into getting a cool design.I copied a stylish American table I found on Google images that retailed at $6,000. My one … Read More

Turning Pieces for Castle

These turning pieces are simply battens pinned and glued to the plywood arch templates.The building has 3 x small keyhole arches , 5 middle roman arches and one 3 pointed arch.After the turning pieces were made all 800 bricks need … Read More


We made 3 x African Mango coffee table the column was made 16 x sided and was also made from mango planks mitred @ 11.25% .We used he same template as the 1950’s clocks so it was easy.All finished in … Read More

Castle underway

At last the bricklaying has started on the Alhambra project in Bourne End.

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