Roselyn Veranda Restoration

Roselyn revisited 15 years after it was installed.The original veranda was so rotten it wasn’t safe to walk on or under.We made a completely new veranda coping the dimensions of the original like for like to the finest detail even down to the hand turned spindles .the only thing we did that was different was the floor ,raising it by a few inches so as to redirect the pitch in the opposite direction to the originals i.e. towards the house and into a gully as oppose to running over the front and down the whole structure which had caused all the rot in the first place.

The flat roof had bespoke fibreglassed fitted to accommodate perfectly the awkward shapes and angles.

After construction, the frame was sent away for full pressurised preservation treatment, which has paid dividends because 15 years later and without a single coat of paint being added in that time, the veranda doesn’t carry a single defect, although it could do with a good clean!

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