Breakfast Bar

The breakfast bar is made from 2 x pieces of African mango wood both pieces were chosen because they had a natural curve at the ends, so joining the 2 x ends together (using 3 x lap dovetail biscuits) to … Read More

Backgammon Board

The plan was to make one backgammon board as a surprise present for Poppys 18th birthday, but the joiners in their generosity gave me too much walnut and maple, so there was enough timber left over to make a further … Read More

Arabic bathroom cabinet

This specialist cabinet construction was part of a bigger bathroom remodelling project at Wyebridge Cottage A 12 sided Arabic 4 doored bathroom cabinet, more than 250 housing and lap joints per door but incredibly is made from only 2 separate … Read More

New bathroom at Wyebridge Cottage

This was a complete remodelling of an existing bathroom. The old suite was removed and the window was modified to provide a squinted window. Then we constructed a bespoke Arabic cabinet with illuminated door panels.

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