Casement Bay Window

This square bay with fanlights above has a decorative cornicing running underneath the transoms which is traditional and common place on most bay windows in the Marlow area. It would have been the local joiners trademark or signature when these … Read More

New Set of Internal Doors

10 x bespoke made internal doors ,the stiles, head and bottoms rails are all proportionate as are the decorative mouldings around the panels .These doors are now ready to be hung for a property in Henley , Berks..

New Front Door

A new front door made to replace the old exist door to match the protruding mouldings that go around the 6 panels inside and out.Its made form joinery standard softwood that has gone through a pressure treatment system making the … Read More

Squinted Conservatory

This very stylish timber conservatory is squinted at one end by 45 degrees the roof units are stepped and all glazed with recording studio units .The thicker pane go on the outside to flank any noise while the inside pane … Read More

Curved 1920’s bay window

This is a 1920’s bungalow in Marlow Bucks, that had a rotten sill and the curved glass had a large crack running down it. We pre made a new curved hardwood sill as well as pre ordering a new curved … Read More

Stable doors

Always tricky to hang these stable in Maidenhead are to replace the old front door for a Dutch .In Holland its common to have stable doors as the main front door they assure me .The trick when hanging stacked doors … Read More

French Doors on to Juliet Balcony

New wooden French doors going onto a Juliet balcony replacing a triple casement sash window. The balcony was tailor-made by the welders to accommodate the 28cm x 14 cm Alhambra tiles to save cutting them down and losing some of … Read More

New Wooden Casement Windows in Marlow

New wooden casement windows in Marlow, the double glazed windows lead work needed the match the existing single glazing while at the same time being centralised. The lead strip to do this comes in a reel with sticks tape on … Read More

40 New Wooden Casement Windows

40 x new wooden casement windows with fanlights above for a house in Henley on Thames. We glazed all the windows with new energy saving units that had a U value of less than 1.0, they were hung with new … Read More

Replacement Windows in Maidenhead

Two large 1930’s  7  sided casement curved bays for a house in Maidenhead Berks, the bay windows protruded  1.5 metres in radius meaning extra support was needed to support the floor and roof above before the old bay window could … Read More

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