Backgammon Board

The plan was to make one backgammon board as a surprise present for Poppys 18th birthday, but the joiners in their generosity gave me too much walnut and maple, so there was enough timber left over to make a further 2 boards.

Most backgammon boards are made using a veneer but our 3 x boards are make using 8mm thick pieces.The setting out formula is dictated by the diameter of the nugget.If the nugget is tournament size i.e. 36mm then the fat end of the triangles pieces needs to be 37mm and the angle exactly 5.5%.
This exact formula when you playing the game give at 6mm space when the nuggets are loaded both length ways and sideways and ultimately dictates the overall size of the board.

The name was routed out using a 2 mm router cutter 3mm deep, the letters were simply hammered in after that then put through the planner.

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