Bay window Bucks

This Edwardian bay window replacement was a bit different to normal and needed 3 sliding sash windows to be bolted together on site at 30 degrees to make the perfect fit. Originally on weights the new bay needed to be … Read More

Casement Bay Window

This square bay with fanlights above has a decorative cornicing running underneath the transoms which is traditional and common place on most bay windows in the Marlow area. It would have been the local joiners trademark or signature when these … Read More

Glade Road , Marlow

Back the Glade Road again this week with some more sliding sash windows .All the top windows were fully replaced with new double glazed sashes and frames while the bottom windows were instead fully paint stripped , serviced with draught … Read More

New Spring Loaded Windows

These new spring loaded windows have been made to replace the old 1980’s single glazed Magnet windows put in when the house was made.The energy to lift then comes from a Spiral Balance that is an Amercian invention from the … Read More

More Sash Windows For Glade Road, Marlow.

We installed and serviced our first window order on Glade Road about years ago but since then we have ended up replacing or serving nearly the entire road.This time we are returning back at Dollys house for phase 3 with … Read More

Square Bay Extension

This is a square bay made in hardwood with hidden structural supports inside the corner posts .The entire head is made from solid 9 by 9 inch hardwood to help offer support for the huge gable end above.The glazing bars … Read More

New double glazed sliding sash windows

These impressive new sliding sash windows have just returned from the high pressure preservation unit and are drying out before being fully painted with 4 coats of 10 year life paint ready for the double glazed units to be fitted … Read More

New Sash Windows & Box Frames

New sash windows and box frames installed on Windsor, Berks. The new wooden windows were for a listed building, they came single glazed and were made the match the existing. Joinery Shop supplied detailed 1 to 1 drawings that were … Read More