Roman arched window servicing

This old listed building window had been boarded up for years ,we got it opening again introduced a transom and double glazed the top arch.

New sliding sash windows in Windsor

These lovely sliding sliding sash windows installed in Springfield Rd Windsor were made in Accoya MDF for the frames and the sashes from joinery standard softwood with a 20 minute pressure treatment.They glide open smoothly and elegantly passed the fitted … Read More

Glade Road , Marlow

Back the Glade Road again this week with some more sliding sash windows .All the top windows were fully replaced with new double glazed sashes and frames while the bottom windows were instead fully paint stripped , serviced with draught … Read More

New Spring Loaded Windows

These new spring loaded windows have been made to replace the old 1980’s single glazed Magnet windows put in when the house was made.The energy to lift then comes from a Spiral Balance that is an Amercian invention from the … Read More

More Sash Windows For Glade Road, Marlow.

We installed and serviced our first window order on Glade Road about years ago but since then we have ended up replacing or serving nearly the entire road.This time we are returning back at Dollys house for phase 3 with … Read More

Draught Excluder & Renovation in Maidenhead

A full draught excluder and renovation service to a property in Maidenhead, Berks this involved the replacement of all the parting and staff beading and replacing it with new pre-painted beading that has the draught excluder pre-machined into it. The … Read More