Replacement cladding on gate in Marlow

The old gate cladding had completely rotted but the frame inside which was mainly metal with timber studs remained in good shape.The new cladding was in cedar and the shaped top in Accoya.The Accoya cap was made out of 5 … Read More

Linden Avenue Maidenhead Bay Window Repair

This Edwardian square bay has been repaired badly many times, including shortening the height of the bay by 6 inches and then adding bricks below to avoid doing the work properly. This time around we have made new double glazed … Read More

Sash window repairs in Windsor

This grade 2 listed building near the castle is around 250 years old.The top sash meeting rail has dropped at both ends because both tenons have completely rotted .The solution was to take out the sash and bring it to … Read More

Sash repair in Gerrards Cross

This rotten sash was delivered by the customer in the morning and was collected fully repaired in Accoya 5 hours later thanks to new technology 5 minute set wood glue.

Accoya Brighton Bandstand

Work has started on the Accoya replica of the famous birdcage Brighton bandstand A bit like this but smaller and in wood

Veranda Linden Avenue Maidenhead

12 sashes and a 4 metre long “L” shaped veranda being loaded up at the treatment plant ready to be installed at Linden Avenue in Maidenhead. The job with involve having all the sills fully replaced in Accoya as well … Read More

Accoya Delivery

Today we took a delivery of our first 6 x 3 sawn Accoya 10 lengths at 4.2 metre.The first job to get fully repaired in Accoya is happening in Amersham starting next week approx.