Sill replacement in Beaconsfield

This repair in hardwood was done leaving the glass in place ,removing the rotten sill and glueing an new one behind the rebate so that it wasn’t exposed to the outside and finished off with a cover piece for extra … Read More

Roman arched window servicing

This old listed building window had been boarded up for years ,we got it opening again introduced a transom and double glazed the top arch.

Specialist Wooden Sash

These wooden sash replacements have been made with a squinted glazing bar arrangement to match like for like the old timber sashes that had rotted on a listed building in Buckinghamshire .The sills needed some repair work before the new … Read More

Glade Road , Marlow

Back the Glade Road again this week with some more sliding sash windows .All the top windows were fully replaced with new double glazed sashes and frames while the bottom windows were instead fully paint stripped , serviced with draught … Read More

New Cedar Wood Garage and Doors

The new garage frame was constructed from treated 4 x 2’s and was herring bone braced to stop any movement .Cladded and tiled in cedar shingle for maximum insulation and protection with the old doors recycled from the old garage … Read More

French Door Repairs

These rotten french doors in Windsor needed a new bottom rails ,dips and stile repairs .All the beading was replaced in hardwood,reglazed , preserved and painted with one coat before being returned back to the customer as good as new.

Curved 1920’s bay window

This is a 1920’s bungalow in Marlow Bucks, that had a rotten sill and the curved glass had a large crack running down it. We pre made a new curved hardwood sill as well as pre ordering a new curved … Read More

Stages in Window Repair

Joinery shop specialising in repairs and listed building, we can save any window whether its a new hardwood sill, a sash repair, replacement or just a broken cord.

Boyce shop front sill repair, High Wycombe

Both sills were fully replaced in hardwood and re-joined using a slot tenoning method. All the rot to the window jambs and sills has now been fully removed and replaced in hardwood with without the use of any filler bring them … Read More