Shoe Boxes

These shoe storage boxes were copying an Italian designer model but at a fraction of the price, they are made out of solid pine and open using upside down friction stays we normally use to open fanlights on casement windows … Read More

Lattice Work

Octagon latticework to make up part of the shuttering for the castle at Alhambra Carpets when it gets built next year. A total of 2000 housing joints per web. The design was copied from the building opposite my bedroom in … Read More

French Doors on to Juliet Balcony

New wooden French doors going onto a Juliet balcony replacing a triple casement sash window. The balcony was tailor-made by the welders to accommodate the 28cm x 14 cm Alhambra tiles to save cutting them down and losing some of … Read More

Rotating Scrabble Boards

We have now made quite a few of these personalised rotating scrabble boards over the years ,they turn to use a ball bearing lazy susan ,the personalised lettering is usually set up to look like a made up game of … Read More

Arabic Ceiling in Alhambra

A 16 pointed star and an exact copy of the ceiling at the Nasrin Palace in Alhambra, Granada, but at half the scale.its made by simply duplicating 2 pieces of wood lots of times, the angle are obvious but its … Read More

Breakfast Bar

The breakfast bar is made from 2 x pieces of African mango wood both pieces were chosen because they had a natural curve at the ends, so joining the 2 x ends together (using 3 x lap dovetail biscuits) to … Read More

Backgammon Board

The plan was to make one backgammon board as a surprise present for Poppys 18th birthday, but the joiners in their generosity gave me too much walnut and maple, so there was enough timber left over to make a further … Read More

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